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Wheel Horse Tractor Forum

wheel horse tractor forum

    wheel horse
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chicken tractor, front view from above.

chicken tractor, front view from above.

This is called a "chicken tractor" because the idea is that you move the enclosure from one spot to another in your garden, yard, back forty, etc, and the chickens dig and scratch and poop on a different section of land each few days. But our garden space was so small, the moving-around became too disruptive of our growing patterns. We were getting into more permaculture plants and perennials, and permanent cover crops, so it just didn't work. Also, we built this thing like a tank, so moving it is extremely difficult. (It also has kept predators out successfully, which was the point of overbuilding it, so no problem there.)

Eventually we used it as a stay-in-place "coop" and later still we added a run onto it, using the door-to-be noted in the photo.



Ah, my favorite picture. The old tractor. I'll be taking more of this over the summer. (**Edited: the barn has been leveled & nothing that was in it is left! Sad day. 3/1/11)

wheel horse tractor forum

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